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The Company has, for the past 45 years, seen phenomenal growth in the Logistics and Road Rehabilitation Sectors, and incorporates a large cross-section of Heavy-Duty vehicles, providing a highly streamlined & competitive service to the industry.

Originally starting off as a “one-man” operation, Crossmoor has grown into the sophisticated and integrated Logistics Giant of present, with a full-time Staff compliment of over 500 individuals. We continue to progress in the Business, Transports and Logistics Sectors and are recognised as one of the major players in the Business.

With an extensive fleet on hand, our Company has streamlined our operations into the following divisions namely;  Transport Logistics, Roads Construction, Engineering, Mining, Warehousing and Dsitribution, and Material Transport.  The Bulk and Plant Divisions operate on a National level, covering all Major destinations in South Africa as well as neighbouring Countries.

We competently transport such specialised chemicals as Sodium Hypochloride and Caustic Soda, Fuels, heavy Furnace Fuels, Solvents, Base Oils, Bituminous Products and Emulsions, Effluents and Specialised Oils as used by the various manufacturing industries. We also specialise in the construction of new roads and the rehabilitation of asphalt and gravel roads.

At Crossmoor, our commitment to our Clients means going the extra mile by preparing ourselves for any contingencies that may present themselves. In doing so, we have a wide and extensive range of vehicles on hand to cater for varying Client requirements, ensuring peace of mind for both parties.

Our fleet comprises of a wide range of earthmoving and plant equipment such as Loaders, Excavators, Tippers ( both 6 and 10 cubic metre), Tridem End-Tipping and Interlink Side-Tipping Trailers, Low Beds and Flat Trucks, Crane Trucks (with capacities of 3 & 8 ton), Water Tankers (which are calibrated for 5 000 litre & 20 000 litre usage), Vacuum Tankers, Bulk-Haulage Tankers, Horse and Trailer combinations, Tractors, Rear-End Trash Compactors, Traxcavators, Drop-Side Flatbeds, Bakkies, High-Pressure Jet combinations, Padfoot and Vibrating Compactors, ADT Bell Dumpers, B20 C and Graders and 140G.

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