At Crossmoor, our commitment to our Clients means going the extra mile by preparing ourselves for any contingencies that may present themselves. In doing so, we have a wide and extensive range of vehicles on hand to cater for varying Client requirements, ensuring peace of mind for both parties.

Providing all of our Clients with extremely high-levels of Service and Competitive pricing structures, ensuring enduring relationships. By employing stringent safety measures and strict implementation procedures, our intention is always to safeguard the natural environment.

Our fleet comprises of a wide range of earthmoving and plant equipment, as well as Bulk-Haulage Tankers, Horse and Trailer combinations, Tractors, Rear-End Trash Compactors, Traxcavators, Drop-Side Flatbeds, Bakkies, High-Pressure Jet combinations, Padfoot and Vibrating Compactors, ADT Bell Dumpers, and much more..


Crossmoor Transport

We competently transport such specialised chemicals as Sodium Hypochloride and Caustic Soda, Fuels, heavy Furnace Fuels, Solvents, Base Oils, Bituminous Products and Emulsions, Effluents and Specialised Oils as used by the various manufacturing industries.

Crossmoor Plant

Our Fleet of Plant and Earth-works equipment is a force to be reckoned with. We have specialised machinery to cater for every niche in our business

Lowbed Division

The Low-Bed Division has become a dominant player in the Transport Industry. Our service offerings and fleet are diversified enough to meet any Client’s requirements.We offer a range of abnormal transport, including multiple cargo handling, technical and engineered solutions.


Amongst our Core functions: Bulk Earthworks, Road Construction, Agricultural Dams, Crushing and Screening, Sewer Reticulation, Water Main Lines, Infrastructure Development and Reinforced Concrete Construction

Milling / Rehabilitation

Established in 2005. we have been involved in a wide variety of recycling projects, including the upgrading of existing works. We have the capacity to work with all pavement types, with vast experience in working with both imported material and in-situ material. We have successfully embraced and implemented new technology introduced in the market – increasing and diversifying our Clientbase.


Richmix Ready Mix Concrete, a division of the Xmoor Group of Companies, has been operating since August 2013 from our Nseleni Plant on the outskirts of Richards Bay. Our automated concrete Plant supplies concrete into the greater Uthungulu / Zululand region. As a new entrant in the Zululand region, we pride ourselves on product knowledge,

About us

It is our MISSION to be the most trusted and influential Leader in the Industry. We continue to provide our Clients with unparalleled “no-excuses” services.

The Company has, for the past 45 years, seen phenomenal growth in the Logistics and Road Rehabilitation Sectors, and incorporates a large cross-section of Heavy-Duty vehicles, providing a highly streamlined & competitive service to the industry.
Originally starting off as a “one-man” operation, Crossmoor has grown into the sophisticated and integrated Logistics Giant of present, with a full-time Staff compliment of over 500 individuals. Crossmoor Transport and Plant continues to progress in the Trucking Industry and is recognised as one of the major players in the Business.

Latest News

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